Integrated Knowledge and Campus Management Sdn Bhd (IKCM) is a public limited company.

Silver KeyIt has built, developed and implemented a world-class, integrated campus and knowledge management system. Based on the research conducted on the requirements for the management of educational institutions in Malaysia and expertise of professionals in the education industry, IKCM and Universiti Malaysia Pahang (formerly known as Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan & Teknologi Malaysia - KUKTEM) jointly developed IMS Education, Integrated Management System (IMS) Education.

The rapid growth and convergence of ICT, coupled with the local and global surge in the growth of public and private educational institutions over the last ten years, have forced educational institutions to compete more aggressively in the educational marketplace by transforming challenges posed by competition involving cost, control and seize into opportunities through these emerging technologies.

ICT as an enabler - processes organizational structures and the education sector as a whole can be transformed and revolutionized. Educational institutions pioneering and embracing ICT solutions to enhance and complement their educational offerings, while unifying the various educational communities, will gain that competitive edge critical to the survival and fortitude in the education sector.